Amazon Accounts Management

Our account management services are tailored to scale and enhance your business on Amazon essentially by maintaining a healthy seller/vendor account. To ensure maximum return, it is necessary to have smooth operations, which can be achieved by having the right strategy in place.

Account Setup & Product Listing Management

We help you recognize the best suitable category as per best seller rank on Amazon to attract customers

Provide accurate product details and ensure the listings cover all the right information to attract customers to your Amazon page. The key is to monitor the brand’s overall performance and improve your seller rank to make the amendments required.

Product Listing:

We create Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) listing on Seller and Vendor Central for multiple vendor codes.

Tactical Solutions:

We offer solutions for common challenges such as Andon Cord issues and new item setup.


Group the same category products on Amazon together to give the customer more options and increase sales.

Catalog Management

Keep a close eye on your catalog to ensure your brand health is up to the mark.

With our qualified team, we ensure that your inventory levels are kept intact and your product always wins buy box. Attract more customers to your Amazon page by having a close look at the promotional events.


Provide forecasted reports and update inventory status.

Manage Case Logs:

Create, submit, manage, and constant follow-up of cases generated through Amazon.

Invoice Reconciliation:

Claim refund on behalf of a brand if there are any invoice shortages, price claim discrepancies, or chargebacks/fines.

Marketplace Analysis

Assess a brand’s market value by keeping track of its current year progress and comparing it with the last year’s data.

We also perform competitor analysis and observe price, star rating, customer reviews, images, and content in order to gauge and compare brand market value.

Brand Enhancement:

Help the brand to achieve target sales by actively working on content, price, images, video, A+, and user guide.

Sales Reports:

Provide historic and real-time sales status on weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

Boosting Sales:

Create promotions, deals, coupons, and discounts for promotional events.