Amazon Advertising & PPC Strategy

Advertising on Amazon has become a major part of the digital advertising and marketing world. To stay at the top, you should know when and how to advertise to your benefit. C4 creatively advertises your brand on Amazon.

Data Analysis And Reporting

We use the right tools to help you plan, manage, measure, and optimize your digital marketing.

Our data analysts perform competitor/market analysis, generate preliminary and performance review reports, create multiple custom campaigns for split testing, and also provide insights into how non-Amazon marketing channels are impacting your performance on Amazon.

Preliminary Analysis:

We review your listings, prepare a report, and create tailored campaigns for A/B testing.

PPC Campaigns:

Using data analytics, we optimize your campaigns for better ranking with lower ACoS.

Performance Review:

We generate performance reports and set monthly targets.

Brand Reach And Awareness

We provide sellers with top-notch PPC services to reach a wide spectrum of customers and enhance sales to the maximum.

With so many brands competing on Amazon, it’s always an uphill battle to grab customers’ attention. Our PPC experts will help you capitalize on the data by advertising and taking your brand to the top where you can reach your target customers and maximize conversion.

Product Sponsored Ads:

Available for both first- and third-party sellers, and displayed on the top/below of the search-result page.

Brand Sponsored Ads:

Available for both vendors and brand owners, and three times more effective than other ads.

Product Display Ads:

Only available to vendors and advertise your product under the ‘add to cart’ button on the competitors’ pages.

Maximizing ROI

Our Amazon PPC experts work intensively to help you manage PPC advertising campaigns and lower your costs.

Our customized dashboard provides feedback on key metrics such as ACoS and CTR. From setting up the ideal bids to adding result-oriented keywords to targeting the right audience, our team can drive you the best return on your investment.

Manual Campaigns:

Yield more sales than your automatic campaigns and that too at a lower cost.

Negative Keywords:

A tactic used for reducing clicks that will never convert for a broad match or phrase match keyword.

Dynamic Bidding:

You can have your bids adjusted up or down depending on the likelihood of conversion.