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Jimmy Aja makes life easy for business teams to work together, align, collaborate, and deliver tasks in a paperless environment.

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Increased productivity through Requisition, Leave, Health Claim, Loan and Hiring Forms

Jimmy Aja Intro

Automation has reduced workload, it is time-efficient, and cost-effective. Jimmy Aja is a cloud-based office automation solution that is built with the vision to reduce paper work and manual tasks, while increasing the productivity and efficiency. It has made it easy to do more in less time, by increasing speed and quality and reducing errors.

It is named after a playful and excited Husky we had in the office. He was a source of happiness for everyone, but one day he went missing. “Jimmy Aja” commemorates his memory.

How Can Jimmy Aja Benefit You

Human Resource

From Attendance management to Hiring Requests, with Jimmy all HR related requests can be managed, tracked and completed with in a single platform.


Not only can Jimmy be one place to request, track and manage any finance support tickets/requests, but It also has the ability to generate and track invoices and payroll.

Company pulse

Keeps a pulse on the company by Jimmy reports. Extracting data from all the functions of the organization, Jimmy can provide the leadership and management with useful insights to make data-driven decisions. From company’s Mood, to Financial insight, Jimmy will tell you all.


We keep our users a top priority and are always willing to go one step ahead of the service industry. We offer Customized analytics, Feature enhancements, and customizable dashboards.

Key Features

Jimmy Aja is a one stop solution to all office operations tasks. You can choose from a variety of features depending on your needs.
These features include:

Human Resource



Attractive Visual



Job Postings

Work Log



Case Study

Automating Work System at CODE

Prior to upgrading to Jimmy Aja, like every other small company, CODE also used to do work manually. The manual work system that they had was time consuming and difficult to manage, especially when certain document was needed. At times it would take days to complete a request that can be handled within minutes. To solve all these issues CODE decided to automate their forms, the idea was to create a system that would benefit all companies facing such an issue. Initially a few of the forms were automated but when it became evident that it was so easy to do a lot in just one click there was no stopping to it.

Our Team

Sara Imtiaz

SQA Analyst

Kashif Islam

Jr. PHP Dev

Wasiq Hussain

Sr. PHP Dev